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Fusion v2.0 EA

Fusion v2.0 EA


1 expert ex4 version 2.0 / NO user manual / NO presets



1 expert ex4 version 2.0 / NO user manual / NO presets

Fusion 2.0 is our high performance algorithm, developed by Samuel leach. 

  • He trades currency pair GBP / USD, and seeks to profit from volatility.
  • He may take positions to take advantage of the rise and fall of the pair.
  • During the process Brexit volatility was extremely high, and Fusion earned.
  • This is a separate system, so no other products that need to add or buy.
  • It can open and close all the trades for you and requires little intervention once you set the parameters.
  • This adviser can be added to your account MT4. It is configured in accordance with your chosen account size and allows the client to benefit from market volatility.
  • Fusion is encrypted for a single account MT4 with every purchase.
  • This automated trading system in Forex market is developed so that it was easy to follow, since after you configure the settings required little manual intervention

Why choose Fusion?

  • The automated system has been tested up to 16 years
  • Strong historical benefits of managed risk
  • Can automate your trade after you add inputs.

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