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The principle of insurance is that we buy one instrument, and sell the opposite one. Since pairs with a positive correlation always follow in the same direction, the Expert Advisor cannot get a big loss in total. This method of trading insures transactions and therefore a stop loss is not needed here!
The EA calculates the lot based on the tick value and the current balance. This is done so that one instrument (a currency pair) can compensate for another….

For example:
EURJPY-CHFJPY-correlation 89-100%
CADJPY-AUDJPY-correlation 95%
EURJPY-CADJPY-correlation 87-94%
EURJPY-AUDJPY-correlation 80-92%

I selected these pairs using a script that determines the correlation for a given period of time (BEST CORRELATION). You can also use the CORR script..

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